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Do you want to get the right deal on your business foreign exchange? MyCurrencyTransfer has vetted the market and can bring you the best deals on business foreign exchange from the world's leading international payment specialists. As a business that is making or receiving international payments, you are exposed to volatility in the currency markets. In order to fully maximise and optimise the value of your international currency transfers, we recommend using the services of a reputable foreign currency specialist that can efficiently manage your business' currency exposure. FCA regulated foreign currency exchange companies provide a high level of service and key market knowledge which can often make the difference between saving 1-5% of the value of your international transfer. As it is impossible to predict how the FX markets will move, it is crucial your business is mitigating against the very real risk of adverse currency fluctuations. Whether your business is importing or exporting goods from overseas, paying international suppliers, co-ordinating overseas salaries or involved in real estate acquisition, we have a panel of FCA regulated currency specialists to service all your corporate foreign exchange requirements.

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Security of transferred funds is clearly of paramount importance. In addition to vetting the FCA regulatory credentials of our panel of currency specialists, all funds are held in client accounts which are segregated at banking partners such as, amongst others: Barclays, HSBC, Citigroup, Bank of Ireland, Lloyds TSB. These segregated client accounts are totally separate from the individual currency exchange specialist’s business accounts, further ensured safety and security of your funds.

Based on customer feedback, we are of the view that efficient management of currency exposure requires an expert on board. We have attempted to highlight the main benefits below: