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Transfer Money to Hong Kong

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Compare Money Transfers to Hong Kong

Compare the world's leading foreign exchange companies. Save up to 85%

Sending money to Hong Kong? Compare & save in 3 simple steps

In just 3 simple steps, we will search to find you the cheapest money transfer deals. We list only FCA regulated companies so you can trust that our service is reliable and equitable; simply choose one from the table, submit your details and we do the rest.

Compare cheap money transfer deals to Hong Kong

Our mission is to help provide you with the best exchange rates and best deals when transferring money to Hong Kong (HKD). Our message is equally clear: dont let the bank cash in with high markups and inflated commission. MyCurrencyTransfer lists in a live marketplace the worlds leading FCA regulated foreign exchange companies who can help you make a cheap money transfer to Hong Kong at a fraction of the cost of using a high street bank.

Whether you are buying an overseas property in the Peaks or importing goods, dont settle for the first deal you stumble across. When making large HKD money transfer, it pays to shop around. This way, youll avoid the sneaky bank charges & fees for the privilege of sending money abroad. With high street banks, you can likely encounter margins of up to 5% away from the "real exchange rate" and fees of up to £40 per payment.

What do I need to send money to Hong Kong


For your convenience, we have compiled a checklist of the account details you will need to transfer money to the beneficiary.

Not Applicable for Hong Kong
internationally agreed means of identifying bank accounts across national borders with a redued risk errors.
Swift/BIC code
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication more effiecient and secure system for inter bank communications and transfer of funds
Bank Name/Address
the name and address of the recipient bank
Account Number
the primary account number found on credt cards and bank cards
Account holders name
the primay account name found on credit cards and bank cards


  • Bank of East Asia
  • Chong Hing Bank
  • Dah Sing Bank
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Shanghai Commercial Bank
  • Chiyu Banking Corporation

Money saving and currency tips for Hong Kong

Real estate agents fees are generally around 1-2% of the property value and can be split equally between the seller and the buyer.
The standard of medical care is high in Hong Kong. Most expats have private health insurance which is part of their employment benefits.
Leases in Hong Kong are typically for a fairly short term, 2 years in the case of residential and three to nine years in the case of commercial properties.
Expats can obtain a Hong Kong drivers licence without a test providing they have a valid licence from their country of origin.
The most popular reason for transfering money to Hong Kong is
The average amount transfered to Hong Kong is
Most transfers to Hong Kong will be completed within
1 working day
Individual tax rate in Hong Kong is
The Average property price per square meter in Hong Kong is
132,596.66 HKD
The Average price of rent for a 3 bed city apartment in Hong Kong is
36,606.06 HKD

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